January 10, 2011

My Day Zero Challenge: My list 37-47

...ten more

37. finish all of my children's baby books
38. take a photography course.
39. take a french cooking class.
40. learn how to ballroom dance with my hubby.
41. knit a pair of socks.
42. host a "knit along" on sheknows.
43. plant a vegetable garden in my back yard.
44. organize my pantry.
45. make Photo Christmas cards for 2011.
46. mail out my Christmas cards!
47. learn how to make a good margarita.

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January 08, 2011

We are moving!!

....to my new blog!
Come and visit me over at:my new adventures with four

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Day 2: 365 photo challenge

nothing beats a great pair of blue jeans!
Punky's first pair!!
Two months today!!

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January 07, 2011

Day 1: 365 Photo challenge

a little thumb goes a long way
We officially have a thumb sucker!!
We have never had a thumb sucker so this is taking a little adjusting to what I had anticipated this little one would be like. Guess that teaches me for thinking all of my children would belong in the same mould!

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January 06, 2011

My Day Zero Challenge

Some of you may have heard of Day Zero. If not, I'll tell you that it is much like a bucket list. I decided to embark on this challenge because it seems like a lot of us are just strolling through life waiting for it to end. We wake up, go to work or school or start our daily household tasks. The day goes on, business as usual. We have breakfast, lunch and dinner - most often times it is the same type of meal: oatmeal or scrambled eggs, turkey sandwich for lunch, you get my drift.

Then we retire to the couch and watch our tv shows every night like clockwork. Off to bed and do it all again the next day. It is like we are programmed and it is okay to go on living status quo. Sure we look forward to the big events in life - like weddings, childbirth and family trips. But once those milestones have been reached and that day goes by, we are "life as usual" again.

Maybe the daunting task of being a mother to four has effected my thinking but lately I have been wondering "What is the point of life, really?" actually I was up most of last night thinking and I realized if we keep doing these routine things in life, we just might miss it. The moments will just "pass us by". Although I thoroughly enjoy my life now, I don't want to miss everything that this world has to offer. Now obviously I don't expect to see and do it all, but I want to be able to have things to talk about.

Enter, Day Zero. 101 things to do in the next 1001 days. It is less finite than a bucket list and I have a time limit. Some things on my list are easy enough (I have to feel like I can accomplish some of them, right?), some are more difficult. So, here I go on my journey to try and complete most of these, and you can follow along too.
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My Day Zero Challenge: My list

..the beginning.
The list will grow to 101 but for now...here are the first 36 that I could think of.
1. Go to Las Vegas
2. Make a custom recipe book
3. Go whale-watching
4. Take the kids camping
5. Achieve my goal weight
6. Buy something from Etsy
7. Go to Disney World
8. Go to the strawberry farm and pick my own strawberries
9. Write a love letter to my husband
10. Write a letter to be opened when the 1001 days is over
11. Write a children's book
12. Visit New York
13. Watch a movie at a drive-in
14. Ride on a train
15. Buy a piece of original art
16. Buy a little red dress
17. Climb a tree and take a photo of the view
18. Send a message in a bottle
19. Get a hot rock massage
20. Don't complain about anything for a week
21. start a 365 Day Photo Challenge
22. Don't log into Facebook for one week
23. read the bible from Genesis to Revelations
24. Achieve my goal weight (again!)
25. learn to identify 10 constellations
26. Perform a Chinese fire drill
27. Take a photo of the same place every month for year and then turn it into a calendar for the next year.
28. Throw away all my underwear and start again
29.Listen to 26 bands I’ve never heard of, each starting with a different letter of the alphabet
30. Plant a window box herb garden
31. Kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower
32. Watch turtles enter the sea for the first time
33. Write my name in the sand
34. Don’t swear for a week
35. milk a cow
36.Don’t use internet for a week

1. visit all 7 continents
2. visit the Grand Canyon
3. Go to Newfoundland
4. Make a Year in Pictures Album
5. Ride a gondola in Venice
6. Kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower
7. Try every specialty beverage on the Starbuck's menu
8. Re-new my wedding vows in Hawaii
9. Write a memoir for my children and my grandchildren.
10. Watch the ball drop on New Year's in Times Square

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December 22, 2010

6 weeks old today!!

Okay, I will admit that I couldn't wait for her to be born.
I was exhausted with being pregnant and just wanted the "prize at the end" but shesh is this going by fast!! I can't believe that my sweet little punky is already 6 weeks old!!

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