July 28, 2007

...and then came the bake sale!!

First came the baking...and the making of signs..flyers...letters...to get this dream off the ground..

Who could say NO to these three cuties?

And you know what...no one really did say no to these girls!!
At last count they have raised $2850.00 and collected a driveway FULL of household goods to give to those who were effected by the fire.

But, I will be honest with you..when the girls came to me and asked if they could have a Bake Sale I was thinking small...maybe a few hundred bucks in proceeds nothing to crazy but once the donations started pouring in (costco, Sobey's, Save on more...Second Cup and of course Lux!!) and the radio station was looking for Jennifer to phone I started to wonder...but never dreamed it would get this big!!