July 13, 2007

"Be a better multitasker"

So, I open up my inbox and I am greeted with a message that tells me "Be a better multitasker" which peaked my interest..as a busy mom to 3 I will take anything that I can get..it's not uncommon for me to be booking appointments on my cell phone while filing my fingernails all the while waiting for my turn to order my coffee in the drive thru at Tim Hortons so I clicked on it..wait for it...wait for it...nothing!! I can't open the message..okay..try again..wait for it..wait for it..NOTHING!!
How am I suppposed to be a better multitasker if I can't open the message..how do I glean the wisdow from the article if I can't find the article?!? Honestly though..how many things should I be doing at one time?