August 02, 2007

Hilary Duff, toy recalls and trips to the doctor..

The ringing still hasn't left my ears 12 hours later from the shrill screams of thousands of excited little girls.
I expected the Hilary Duff concert to be busy...I didn't expect the average age to be 9 so I was surprised to see that they were serving booze at the concert...I guess that's a treat for all the parents..a way to numb the pain in your ears and a way to forget that you are attending Hilary Duff and not at Nickelback. Just teasing!! The concert was actually quite fun...after you got past waiting for an HOUR and a Half for her to grace the stage with her presence. Hey Hilary..ever heard of the word "SORRY?!?" Just a thought..your fans sat for how long and you didn't say anything!! Oh well,we had excitement all of our own. One wiggle of Jenn's back tooth and "POP" out it comes erupting in blood. Not exactly what I expected at the Hilary Duff concert but then what can you expect at a concert? Oh!! Jenn paid $5.00 for the picture and that white her tooth!! EWW!!

So, we were home late...much later than I wanted to be so we tucked Noah into our bed with us.
I love snuggling my boy..I love it when he reaches out to me in the dark and gently touches my face and say's "momma..a kiss" then he plants a big kiss on my nose. After he fell asleep I moved him to the blanket bed since the boy is like a windmill in the middle of the night but I tossed and turned and couldn't for the life of me get to sleep!! I know why now...first Abby had me up. She needed her bottle topped up, a kiss and her blanket tucked around her.. then Noah had me up with a fever of 38.7 so after a drink, some medicine we chatted...about rocket, the moon..until finally we turned off the light. Then the conversation turned to "a momma, a light" " No, Noah..bed time" " A momma, a light" "No, noah...time to go to sleep" and we finally did. Until, the phone rang...Mom calling to tell me about a Toy Recall. "just great"
"A Toy Recall...because my day just wasn't going to be exciting enough!!"
A complete list of the toys can be found here:
We have 2 of the toys that are in question but thankfully they weren't manufactured with the Lead paint so I think we will keep least until I talk to Barry..they might be getting the heave ho!!


So, Noah still has a fever at 9:30 this morning so I topped him up and took him to the doctor's.
All good but told that if the fever lasts another 3 days to bring him back. **sigh** what fun!!

But now...he is busy playing and my sweet giggles called me "Momma" today!!
So, it ain't all bad!!