August 10, 2007

Never underestimate the power of a 2 year old..

I'm serious...
My mild mannered 2 year old is out to get me.
I am convinced of that fact..the cute kisses, the "please momma" is all just a ploy.
If he isn't trying to scale the counters in the kitchen he is trying to hide spare change in his cheeks.
I knew boys were "different" then little girls but I didn't know how "different".
I love the fact that Noah has a special relationship with his sister.
I love how he will walk up to his sister and plant a kiss on her forehead and say "Hi Abby"..something I am almost certain that he won't be doing when he is a little older but not once did I think that he would try and break "free".
They were playing in the bonus room, the gate was up and both of them were engulfed in toys so I figured that it was safe to refill my coffee....I was very wrong. Noah took this opportuinty to knock over the baby gate, pick up his 7 month old sister and attempt to navigate the staires. Thankfully I got to them before they got very far!!
So, today's lesson...Never underestimate the power of a 2 year old!


Kara said...

ack! I can't imagine walking into that scene..a 2 year old carrying a 7 month old up the stairs.