September 29, 2007

Boxer Baby

Last night Barry and I went for a ride on the motorcycle (cold but wonderful) and no sooner had I walked into the house and the phone is ringing. It was my oldest Jennifer calling from my in-laws house to tell me that we needed to go to the Children's hospital right away as Abby touched the hot glass on the fireplace and had burned her both of her hands. Honestly, when you get that kind of call your brain doesn't really comprehend what you are being told. It was horrible!!
We raced to the hospital and as soon as I walked in the room Abby settled right down. It broke my heart to see her little hands! She has huge blisters on her fingertips of her right hand and a huge blister across the fleshy part of her hand and on the left hand she has a huge blister running down her thumb. We saw a and a plastic surgeon (apparently when it involves mobility we have to see the plastic surgeon). She has 2nd degree burns to both hands but the right is worse than the left. I have to take her to the burn unit at the hospital to get her hands reassessed and her bandages changed. It's pretty hard getting her fed without cereal on her bandages.
Plus she is chewing on them so they look pretty nasty. All they have given her for pain is Tylenol. So far she is doing really well. She's crabby that she can't pick up her toys the way she normally could but all in all considering what she has gone thru I have one tough kid!!