November 14, 2007

Abby and The terrible, horrible, very bad... no good day.

To put it mildly..
When my little Abby woke up this morning with a fever of 101.3 F that could have been a clue that they day we were about to take part in might not be the best but I had to give the day a chance...right?
She spent the morning with daddy and was supposed to be playing but instead she poured her milk bottle down the inside of the computer and knocked the tower over. Apparently, it's broken...keyboard and the tower are no longer on speaking terms. Monitor...ignoring both of them and refuses to change from it's black screen. Make that Strike two...
After her nap she was toasty warm again...101.8 so I gave her some medicine and took her with me on the car ride to go and get big sister from school.
When we got home from school, before she even had her coat taken off she pulled the side table on herself and now is sporting a nice cut above her puffy almost black and blue eye. Strkie three... She's OUT!!
At would have thought that way but not my girl!!
Still smiling :O)