February 01, 2008

Welcome February!!

Ugh...writers block.
I know..I know..how on earth do I have writers block.
There is ALWAYS something going on in our little corner of the world so the fact that my brain is stuck and nothing significant is sticking out should be well, shocking really but in some way it's kind of comforting.
Jennifer is busy at school..Noah and Abby are playing in their room and I am listening to "Cars" yet again.
It's snowing...again but, I am convinced that if it's not snowing it's so cold outside that no one in their right mind should go out. Of course, right mind isn't something that applies when you have one in school. The schools don't care that you have to bundle up two little ones and face the skating rink roads and all the crazy drivers. **sigh** Thank goodness it's the weekend!!