March 19, 2008

saying goodbye is never easy

But, we did it and in true craziness nothing we set out to do is every easy or without a laugh.
We left later than usual..I know..big surprise!! Of course leaving later than anticipated put us at my Aunt and Uncle's house after most of the company left..well, maybe that was a good thing..
whenever you add my three to the mix quiet is the first thing that leaves!

We toasted Nana then we went to the hotel to "unwind" and get ready for bed.
Yeah right!!
3 kids in one room when the two little ones think that we are having a family sleepover?!?
Comical to say the least when you hear snickers in the dark and "Noah! Get your FOOT out of my BUTT!!"
how is anyone supposed to get to sleep?!?
Noah and Jennifer shared one bed. Giggles was in her playpen in the middle of the two beds and Barry and I were in the other.
It was well after 10:30 before the two little ones were fast asleep in dream land and we weren't too far after.

Of course when you have 5 people in one room morning comes even earlier than anticipated and Giggles had her mommy and Daddy up at 5:30!! **sigh**
Barry took the first shift and took miss giggles down to the "daybreak cafe" for breakfast then it was my turn at 7:00.

The poor kids were trapped in our room until we left for the Church. Every time the door opened one or both of them tried to escape!
Of course, They did find something to do:
Abby playing in the dresser drawers... Photobucket

Playing in the playpen..who say's they are just for sleeping?!?
And, because we were leaving for the church and it was the worst time for a nap Giggles decided that she was tired from being up so early and fell asleep.
Of course she didn't get much of a nap..maybe 20 mintues if she was lucky!

The service was beautiful and because I wanted my little ones to sit and be quiet they were anything but. Barry was busy wrangling them both at the back of the church until almost the end when Noah decided that he had enough and wanted to be the center of attention and ran up to the front of the church and went beside the priest...nothing more harrowing then chasing a 3 year old away from vases of roses a huge picture of Nana and the Urn.

I'm sure Nana would have had a giggle or two seeing the whole show!

After the service we went for lunch at the Good companions hall where we spent more time chasing Noah and trying to convince friends of Nana's that Abby was in fact a girl. LOL!!

I missed it but Barry took Noah to the picture of Great Nana and got Noah to say his Goodbyes. I never saw it happen but I did hear his little voice say

"bye Great Nana"

and then he dashed off. Always the busy 3 year old!!

And of course, our trip home couldn't be quiet either.
10 minutes out of town I remember that I had forgotten my coat at the hall and apparently "bunny bear" was still in the hotel so we had to go back.
But the little ones did sleep...except for the last 50km when they both started screaming.

Saying Goodbye is never easy and I am thankful that I will see her again but until I do I have a "life to live" and I want to make my Nana proud :)