April 16, 2008

we need to buy a cow

...waking up at 5:00 a.m. was NOT something that I was interested in doing.
Actually, I was rather enjoying the warmth of my bed even though I am sure that it was Noah's little foot that was pushing into the back of my neck I was comfortable, snug and warm.
My husband on the other hand.
He couldn't sleep.
So, instead of trying to sleep he decided to get up and go to work.
And then he called me.
At 5:30ish.
He couldn't find his keys to get into his office.
So he called me!
I STILL can't find his keys to get into his office...I have no idea where they have disappeared too but I have been looking!
After searching in all the logical places I fell back to sleep only to be woken up at 6:00 a.m. by a very thirsty little girl.
She can be convinced to go back to sleep for the price of a bottle so we settled her tab and I went back to bed.
By this time my sheets are freezing and Noah is sleeping in the dead middle of the bed.
But, an hour more of sleep is better than nothing so I crawled back into bed until the alarm woke me.
I hit snooze.
BAD idea!!
Hitting snooze once made me rush the entire morning!!
We left much later than we normally do and of course we have no milk yet again, so I race to the grocery store before taking Jenn to school. I swear, we need to buy a cow!!
Dropped her off, raced back to the house to put the milk AWAY and then I have to collect the garbage before the collector gets to my house then we left for Bible study.
We were late but I so needed to go!!
I am so blessed to have had that break this morning and I am looking forward to my break again tonight.
God is so good!