April 04, 2008

Why can't a story just be a story?!?

I love curling up with a good book and just getting lost in it.
I love how the words envelope me and I am swept away into a whole new world where things aren't as they seem and why should they be? That is the very reason we choose to pick up a book in the first place!!
Honestly, who wants to read a story about normal day to day life?
" she bumped the dryer closed with her hip as she wrestled to keep the folded laundry in the basket all the while her three year old demanded a cookie".
Bored yet?
Me too.
I wouldn't want to read that let alone write that but on the flip side I don't take everything that I read and turn it into something bigger than it needs to be.
I am sure Dr. Seuss would agree with me.
I am sure that he didn't MEAN to leave out little girls in his story but honestly who cares?
Apparently this guy does.
Gender Inequity in "Whoville"
Shesh, buddy!!
... give me a break!!