July 14, 2008

potty training, root canals and basement renovations.

Three things that should not be attempted in the same week I am sure but in the world that I exist in anything happens and usually it's pretty funny.
We have been potty training or potty learning with Noah for almost 3 weeks now.
Some days are good days...
Some, not so good but those are the days when laundry I am sure is a part of my middle name.
He loves his cars under ware so much so that there have been times when he has at least 2 pairs on.
Only he knows but it keeps him happy and honestly when I first saw it happen I wondered if he was practicing layering so when the first layer got wet he could change easier.
yeah, no.

We have been so busy trying to accomplish potty training inside that we have failed to even think that we needed to attempt outside potty training.
We were wrong.
We were on our way back from seeing our travel agent and Noah had fallen asleep in the van on our way there.
That usually happens and its not a huge deal but he woke up screaming because he had to go potty now.
A quick pit stop by the side of the road and my dh and my son go trapsing off into the trees.
He won't go.
we know that he needs to go but he refuses to go.
Won't be convinced other wise so up the embankment they go across the street to the construction site across the road so he can go on a "potty".
Needless to say the side trip proved to be a happy one.
Now we need to teach him to go outside. **sigh**

High speed rocking...oh my gosh is that the funniest thing I have ever seen!!
My dh put his helmet on and started rocking on the rocking chair.
Not what I had thought he was going to do but it made me snicker.

We have been quite busy around here lately too, honestly the weather has been so nice out that we have been enjoying the sunshine and fun with neighbors but we are also trying to get some work done around here.
We are in the midst of basement renovations.
I guess that is a bad word for it...we are actually finishing the basement.
Picking paint colors was interesting but we have chosen:
marmalade orange, Aurora orange and herbal garden green for the hallway and the living room.
Iced mauve, palace purple and lovely lilac for Jenn's rooms.
Look for pictures to come!

OH!! And I also go a root canal.
The WORST experience of my life bar none.
I felt everything and was apparently given more freezing than anyone else has ever had for a root canal.
Frozen from 10:30 am until well into the night was the best part of the whole experience.
Never ever do I want to go thru that again!