August 15, 2008


...ever since I was a little girl I have dreamed of seeing Bigfoot.
Of course, I am a big chicken so it would have had to be from the safety of an enclosed, locked car.
I won't even roll down the window if I see a bear for crying out loud and the bear could be across the highway going in the opposite direction and I still won't roll down the window...I like to see them from the safety of my rearview mirror as we are speeding down the highway...or to my daughters horror behind glass at a zoo.
There was a little part of me that wanted to believe that bigfoot would be friendly like "Harry and the Henderson'" and not some scary hairy monster.
I guess we might soon find out..apparently a pair of bigfoot hunters say that they will present what they contend is the most definitive proof yet...they claim to have found a dead bigfoot.
Two Georgians say they have bigfoot's body
Honestly, I don't even think I will listen to the press conference and because all this info was found on the internet heaven knows how long it will take to find out that this too was a fraud.