October 16, 2008


Photobucket...I can't believe that the dream vacation that we spent 18 months planned for and dreamed about is over!**sad sigh**
We have returned suntaned and relaxed.
With memories to last a lifetime and the pictures to prove it.
We had 5 days wonderful days on the island.
10 days on the Radiance of the seas dealing with sea sickness and cabin fever but honestly,I wouldn't change it for anything.
Barry and I got closer and for that I am truly blessed.
It was the second honeymoon that I had dreamed for and prayed about.
It was amazing and I can't wait until we can go back but next time...we are going to fly and stay in Honolulu for a week and Maui for a week.
We filled two picture cards so I won't upload all of them but here are my favorites!
The order of our pictures:
sitting outside of our hotel in San Diego:
birds of paradise:
Barry and I on deck on the Radiance of the Seas
At the end of our Rainforest 4x4 Hike in Nawiliwili:
Barry and I on the beach in Wikii ( I was so happy I could cry!!)

Hope you have enjoyed some of our pictures.
Next time your over make sure you see the rest!


The Biggest Blessing Is Being Called Mama said...

Love the pics!!
Glad you had such a great time!!!

Kara said...

Looks wonderful!