December 13, 2008

the boy, the sniffles and me

So, my sweet adorable baby boy is feeling better.
After getting a clean bill of health yesterday at the doctor's he has been devoring everything that he can get his little hands on.
I am so very thankful for everyone who prayed for my son.
This is an answer to prayer!!

Well, tis the season for the sniffles.
Instead of sipping hot chocolate by the fireplace or writing the Christmas Cards that should have been mailed out over a week ago I am sniffling and sneezing...I have caught a COLD!!
Honestly,this lovely ule tide tradition I could do without and I am egar to find something, anything that will make me feel better!!
Anyone have any great tricks?
I would nap but Abby still hasn't gone down for hers.
She has been fighting her nap for far too long today but I don't dare let her out of her room.
Especially with places to go and people to see today I would rather not deal with a crabby Abby.
I wonder if I could convince her to nap with me?