January 27, 2009

my "cheese sandwich in the vcr" moment

Well, maybe not that bad...but you needed that picture to understand what just happened.
Instead of a cheese sandwich picture a 12 piece children's puzzle and instead of a VCR picture the fireplace.
Miss Giggles was lying on the floor next to the fireplace "working" on a puzzle.
K, she dumped it all out on the floor but it looked like she was actually going to try and fit the pieces back where they belonged.
I was wrong.
Looks can be so deceiving!
I went and tossed a load of laundry in my dryer and when I walked back into our living room I found her standing in front of the fireplace quiet as a mouse and I watched that little stinker slid a puzzle piece in between the black metal "hood" and the silver accent piece.
Once I chased her away I began to painfully fish all of the pieces she had tucked inside.
I got them all thankfully.... Soooo glad that I have slender hands!!

Here is the fire place where she "hid" the puzzle pieces..

The puzzle that caused all the drama...

**after taking the photo's I was pre-occupied by the laundry...again and this time when I turned around Mr.D was helping her "hide" the pieces inside the fireplace.
And yes, I tucked the puzzle up really high and out of site so this won't be a repeat performance!!**

I guess this is my "cheese sandwich in the VCR" moment.. LOL!!