January 21, 2009

who really needs a title...

Besides, do you really want to read "bored to tears" or "stay at home mom buried alive under mountain of laundry?"
Yeah, me either.
Today is kinda a bla day.
I don't really have a reason why it's a bla day it just...is.
Started when I "blew up" at a customer service rep.
Then I had to call another friend to calm down over blowing up over the customer service rep.
Finally got myself put together enough to leave the house to get a coffee at Timmies when I hear this on the radio: Two men slain in Edmonton overnight
Which had me in a new funk...a different funk.
Someone died only a few blocks away from my house!
I thought that we lived in a safe neighborhood?
Yes, even though an arsonist torched that apartment complex just two years ago I kinda felt sheltered.
**shakes head** What is this world coming to?!?
Anyways..I am trying not to think too much about it.
There isn't anything I can do about any of it and heaven knows that I don't need the stress.
So, instead I will watch my topless babies nibble on peanut butter sandwiches.
I love listening to giggles babble in her own language.. and Mr.D praying over and over and over again because I am sure that God didn't hear him the first time when he thanked him for his "sammich"