February 12, 2009

...A chance to reflect

I can't believe that I have been back for 4 days already and haven't even had a chance to reflect on our vacation to Mexico!
I guess since I have been flying by the seat of my pants I am going to do this in point form....which is more for me than for anyone else!
*The plane ride there appeared to be the "terrible annoying flight" that everyone complains about...we found ourselves surrounded by babies that appear to have spawned a screaming demon only to be the sweetest little things ever but, the guy in the seat in front of us was obnoxious...pushing his seat into the laptop every five seconds..one wordtwo words for that man "FIRST CLASS" then you can stretch your giant legs out as far as you want without annoying the people behind you and for heaven sakes...use your video camera OFF the plane...I don't care if you just purchased a new watch and feel like you need to memorialize the moment for ever and ever... you aren't going to appreciate my sarcastic look you got when you paned the camera our way.
**cheers to you buddy**
*Mexican airports are nothing but a GONG show and the customs agent that we were lucky enough to deal with was a GROUCH! Coffee lady..it will turn even the snarliest person to a pleasant person.
*no, I do not need tequila first thing off my flight...a place to store my luggage and a nice glass of cold water would have worked better.
*the Moon Palace Resortwas amazing and breathtaking and I am so very glad that we were given the chance to stay there!!
Our week:
Sunday: unpacked and ran and put my toesies in the sand...enjoyed dinner with the entire group and relaxed.
Monday: Spent the day catching up with old friends, made new ones poolside. Went for dinner with the entire crew.
Tuesday: Up early to catch the bus to Chichén Itzá . Learned that I am not a huge fan of +35. Also so very glad that I did not eat the food that looked like Chicken (it was snake) or the Stuffed peppers with ground beef (it was armadillo) or the Pulled Pork (that was rodent) or the "lime soup"( which was Iguana). Also learned that the "Mexico" I thought I was experiencing was actually "Miami" but got the chance to see poverty which left me a changed woman.
Wednesday:we were supposed to go snorkeling but ended up visiting with old family friends.
Thursday:shopping in Cancun and dinner with our friends.
Friday: Wedding time!! Congrats Art and Vanessa!!
Saturday:Off to the zip line..then we had a couples massage..but not really a couples massage..boys on one side girls on the other.
Sunday: Home again home again jigged jig.

My trip to Mexico in a nut shell :D