March 05, 2009

thursday thunks

1. This Cat - Scary or cute?
~Scary, what is wrong with that creature!!
2. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmesreproducing again. Good idea or don't care?
~don't care..have a gajillion babies for all I care but please Tom, let them be thinking creatures and not mindless zombies like you have changed poor Katie into ...
3. Do you smile at strangers when you make eye contact?
~always, unless they did something stupid like not lock a baby in a carseat then I will give you the stink eye
4. What percentage of your sarcasm isn't really sarcasm at all?
~15% give or take..wait, that was sarcastic...shesh, I need help!
5. If you were to be a dog breed, which breed would you be?
~ umm, a dog..not this girl..a cat, sure...but not a dog
6. Go grab the closest book. Open up to page 27. Whats the 4th sentence?
~Change Artist transforming nail color
7. When's the last time someone put one over on you, told you a story that you totally fell for when it wasn't anywhere near true?
~my dh loves to do this to me ALL the time.
8. Ever seen Michael Jackson in person?
9. Do you have a gut?
~left over baby belly but shesh, I had three kids..then I drank too much in Mexico and well, that didn't help either.
10. What is one thing in your kitchen you have too many/too much of?
~dish cloths and dish towels
11. Ever had a colon cleansing?
~only the pills and really, that was cruel and unusual punishment on a good day

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I promise.


Maria's Space said...

Oh goodness, hope you are feeling much better.