May 04, 2009

Our Day out with Thomas!

I honestly didn't think I could keep our big "secret" from the little ones as long as I did but, I did it!!

Giggles on our way to the big "surprise"
At this point she still didn't know what was going on or what we were going to do.

All she knew is that we were going to pick up Mr.D from Nani and Gua's house and then we were going on a car ride to our "surprise"
Mr. D and Giggles...

2 1/2 hours later...amid a sea of juice boxes, cheese strings and organic fruit leather bars we finally showed up for our are ready!
Finally settled in our seats for our ride on Thomas the Tank engine!
Mr.D filled with excitement..I thought that he was going to burst on our ride!

Giggles playing "shy"

Me and my girls...

Big Daddy and my boy...

We told Mr.D that this was "Neville" so he was trying to get a peak over the fence at him.

Giggles getting a chance to meet Thomas's Driver

Mr.D getting a chance to meet Thomas's Driver

Big Daddy and the two little ones meeting "the fat conductor"


** just a few tidbits from our Day out with Thomas"
We came home with $15 worth of "penny candy", a photo of my monkeys with Thomas and some trinkets to remember of our amazing Day out with Thomas!
**happy sigh**
We had a lot of fun! But the best was seeing my monkeys excited!
Only been home for a day and have been asked at least a half dozen times when we can go and see Thomas again.
Wonder what I can plan for next weekend that will top this?

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Kait au Lait said...

I love it - what a great family event!! R-Spot isn't a Thomas fan really, but if she were.....!!

Tiffany L. Husted said...

That is so cool! Jet would LOVE that!!!!! I am so glad they all had fun!