May 22, 2009


The door bell rang..and as I went to answer it I see Big Daddy bolting to the backyard with a silly grin on his face.
After yelling at him for acting like a 5 year old playing nicky nicky 9 door I see this huge cardboard box sitting on the step filled with these cute little creatures!!

Apparently Big Daddy found all 5 of these little girls at work curled up in a steel pipe so, he brought them home.
The will be making a vet appearance and then we will choose one adorable little creature to become the newest member of our family.
Here is Giggles peaking in the box at the kittens (whom she has named all of them Daisy)

We have since transferred them to the cat carrier and brought them into the house:

Actually, we have been taking one out at a time to "explore" and get used to being in a house.
It's funny to watch them stumble around claws and all.
The minute Giggles gets closed to them they hiss at her, she crys and runs away.
She said "Daisy Stop HISS" then she made the sound.
..the hardest part will be picking the right one for us.
And trying to convinced Giggles that we will be calling the kitty a name other than Daisy.

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Michele P. said...

aw how cute! and how sweet of him to bring them home to get some love and affection. Hoping you pick your kitty and find good forever homes for the rest of them too....