May 27, 2009

who added the growth hormone?

I swear the painted lady caterpillars are biggerthan they were yesterday..
They have to be..**shudders**
This my friends is why I am not a huge BUG fan!!
NOTHING but a baby should have a growth spurt like this.
and yes, I know that technically these things are still babies but ugh!!

K, they looked like this yesterday:

and today they look like THIS:

Do they look bigger to you too?

(and yes, I do realize that my hairstyle of choice is a ponytail in both pictures. Does that give you any idea of what our day has been like?!?)

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K Mommy said...

AH...we just let ours go...My sister (Chickie of "I Love You To Pieces" bought my little one some for Easter). It was amzing to me how fast they grew and hatched.