June 25, 2009

The king of Pop...

From your signature red jacket, the white glove and that crazy black hat that you always wore.
You were an icon.
A part of my past and now a part of my children's.
Especially since after we learned of the king of pop's passing we have been glued to youtube watching our favorite videos over and over again.
This feels like Princess Diana all over again.
So very sad....

He was an entertainer like no other...his videos aren't "fluff" with some air head shaking her butt at the camera like you see on MTV now. ..**shakes head** HIS videos were like a movie...
I'm still in shock.
This can't be real!!
Your going to have to go thru youtube to see what I mean since most of the viedos have been "disabled" for some annoying reason but you can check out this one!

I love this one too...
It's michael Jackson songs but it shatters the traditional wedding dance forever!

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Valerie said...

Total shock with his dying. I was sad for Farrah Fawcett's dying but glad that she knew the Lord. Hoped Michael did. Watched him since I was a kid.

Jenny said...

You're comparing his death to Diana's? Why?! He was a freak. Yea he had good music, but he was seriously ... messed up.