June 11, 2009

My 4001 visitor....

We have a winner!!
Apparently visitor 4000 either missed this post or decided that they didn't want a gift...so, I am awarding kristen over at I love you to pieces as my 4001 visitor!!
Make sure you check out her blog and congratulate her while you are there!
And Kristen...can you email me your mailing address?
I have something special for you!!

(and don't worry...once I know she has her "gift" in her hot little hands I will post a picture of what I sent so you all can see it too!)

And a special thanks to Tiffany over at Nuttiest Mom on the Block for the graphic!!

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Chickie said...

AWWW YEA! I won!!! Thank you so much!

Chickie said...

I sent you an email yesterday did you get?

Unknown said...

I did :)
I am going to pop your gift in the mail tomorrow!
(way too much running around to do tonight...)
I sure hope you love it!!