June 17, 2009

What did that 4001 visitor get anyways?

Remember this?
Well, the proof is in the picture!!


I wanted to make sure she received her package before I shared with all of you but, after our own little "drama" and numerous emails back and forth
(and since she already knows) I figured it was okay for me to share it with you as well!

It's funny how the Lord works.
The original prize ended up being something totally different than the one that I sent. (Isn't it great when he tells us what to give!)
It was impressed upon me to send Kristen at i love you to pieces a copy of:

The Love Dare

I hope that this book will be a blessing not only to her but also to her marriage and I can not wait to hear her side of the story later and how this book plays into it!
If you aren't familiar with the book watch this short clip:

Okay guys...
Make sure you check out her blog and tell her I said HI!!

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Chickie said...

Too funny, too funny! But I am super excited about the book!