July 06, 2009

A little something to quack about...

Ah ha!
Not only did Iremember to bring the camera but I got my
almost.dead.need.to.replace. batteries.or.camera. won't.work. to work!
Okay..so I had to take the batteries out, blow on them and put them back in.
But it worked.
One picture at a time!

Here are a few pictures of the more adventurous birds.
Apparently they didn't get the memo that small children will get bored with throwing bits of hamburger buns into the water and will pick up a small pebble or two instead.
I will admit..these fluffy ducklings were rather close to my feet and I did wonder if they might nibble on my toes!
But I am glad I got the shot.

Mr.D stopping to feed the birds..you should have heard him giggle!
He was so excited to get up close to these fuzzy little creatures.

Niffy nunu and Giggles exploring the path...surprisingly enough the stick didn't make it home.

Mr.D taking a juice break...but of course,something caught his attention just as I snapped this picture so he went from looking at me to looking somewhere else. I am not really sure what he was looking at..knowing him it was probably a bug!

And of course, because I was walking with 4 children under the age of 5 and because I had our little red wagon to pull this was in the middle of my path...

Thankfully Niffy nunu was there to help me hoist the little ones up over the fallen tree along with our little red wagon.
I hope that they get it cleared up in the next few days...this is one of my favorite walks to take the little ones on!

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Valerie said...

Great pictures looks like the ducks even enjoyed your visit. lol