August 01, 2009

Hmm..what is she up to?

Blame it on the summer sun, sitting in the shade with good friends enjoying a frosty cold beverage.
Blame it on me realizing that my babies won't stay babies forever so I have been weaning myself away from the computer.
I desperately need a little digital down time so, I am being selfish and taking it.
I needed a chance to..
... reflect.
... enjoy the sunshine and focus on life around me.
...remember what I am (a daughter to the King of Kings, a wife and a momma) and not try and be more than that. No one expects me to be supper mom!

I have used this chance to take a good look at who I am, what I want this blog to be about and where I am going with it.
Might be a bumpy twisty road but if your in for the trip I would love to have you along!
And as for what that might look like when we get there..well, I guess that too will be an adventure!

I am also taking a break from the {memes}.
Not actually sure if I will go back or not.
I haven't decided yet.
One day at a time.
One day at a time!
As fun as they it's sort of feels like "blog fillers and fluff".
I would rather not blog for a couple of days then feel like I need to "provide content" that isn't reflecting what I want to share so, if I am silent for a few know why!

I'm out at the pond, feeding the ducks with my amazing little ones..enjoying the sunshine and the cool breeze.
(and I hope you are too!)

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