August 06, 2009

Once upon a potty....

I know I had a copy of that book here...
Not sure...but I have been looking!!
I did find this:

And this one...

We did watch them both...over and over and over again.
Pretty sure that I know the "potty song" off by heart now.
I sure hope that song doesn't repeat over and over again in my head.
Actually...I am wondering who is actually being trained.
Me or her?
The timer is driving me nuts...every 20 minutes I take her to the potty.
Some times she goes..some times she doesn't.
Honestly, I was soooo ready to throw in the towel today and insist that she never takes off her diaper again.
But, how many 5 year olds do you see still in diapers?
My thoughts exactly.
So, I we are going to tough it out.
That being said I should mention that I am technically training 2 two year olds.
What have I gotten myself in to?

Accident #1 happened at the kitchen table while she is eating cereal.
Now if you have ever seen Giggles eat you know that this could have been disastrous.
The child refuses to sit down while she eats but would rather stand and lean over her bowl so when she peed it ran down her chubby leg, down the leg of the chair and pooled under the table.
Accident #2 happened while she was perched up on the bar stool in front of the sink washing her hands..same story...Thankfully the puddles are in places that are easy to clean!
She even has the odd "little accidents" on the potty.
Guess she is a little over zealous and truly commits to the task at hand.
Those I can handle.
So far:
Day#1: 6 accidents.
Day#2: 3 accidents...wonder what tomorrow will be?

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Eli's Lids said...

LOL! We are in the midst of doing this too! Eli has accidents if he had underwear on but is a-OK if he is bare buns... so we are bare buns while were are at home!!