September 14, 2009

enjoy the season that you are in

...for that is where you are ment to be at such a time as this.

I'm "that person".
The one who actually enjoys fall.
Strange I know.
I enjoy the warm days but the nights are so much cooler.
Where the hum of my air conditioner is silenced and instead the windows are thrown open and I get to hear the frogs in the nearby pond croaking while I drift off to sleep. I can feel that there is change in the wind...but I am not feeling anxious by it. I enjoy watching the geese as the make their annual migration south heading for warmer climates and possibly fruity beverages with straws in them.
Doubtful I know but hey, this is my blog..I can pretend that they have important plans awaiting them in California and they are anxious to get there so they can enjoy a social beverage with their friends.
I like wearing sweaters and jeans but,the one thing I just can't seem to part with are my trusty "birks"
I will deal with cold feet and trust me, I am not äbove wearing socks in them much to my daughters horror.
The smells of hot Apple cider and warm apple pie.
Thanksgiving just right around the corner.
Fall is one of my most favorite seasons.
(next to spring when I am feeling snowed in and anxious to just get outside!!)
I love the hustle and bustle of September.
Getting back into a routine which I know in a few months time I will be desperately needing a break from.
I enjoy the newness that comes with adventures, new friends. New activities. Sometime between now and then (whenever that will be) transporting three children all over the city will become draining and frustrating but I don't mind the escape for now.
The laziness of summer is slowly being replaced with activity.
We will be starting back to Bible study, Wee College, Youth group, Girl Guides & dance classes. (did I mention it's three kinds of dance lessons... Ballet, Jazz and Lyrical to be exact)
But it's a good kind of busy.
A feed your brain learn something new kind of busy.
Honestly, I thought that once I left school learning would take a back seat and I would begin to "live" but I have discovered that learning enhances my living.
So, I will enjoy this season that I am in.
And, I will be glad in it.
I hope you will too!

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stacey said...

i love fall too. great post!!