June 24, 2010

Well, that's funny...

I remember when going on the internet was something fun, exciting..there were so many sites I wanted to visit and things I had to do that my time got sucked up in a vortex and what started off as a quick 15 minute check turned into hours. Wasted.
But somewhere along the way it became...boring.
Did I just hear you gasp or was that me?
Probably me.
Saying it out-loud doesn't change how I feel by any stretch of the imagination but it does feel better.
Like I am justified in my obscure views of technology.
I find I visit a handful of sites over and over again through the course of the hoping for something new.
Anything new!!
Something that might catch my attention for longer than 15 seconds but let's just be honest here.
I wasn't meant to spend my time scouring the internet and neither were you.
The fact that you are reading this blog means that you have either stumbled upon it quite by mistake or you have been following me since I started my ramblings and I thank you for your loyalty.
But be honest with yourself.... how much time do you spend online?
Probably more than you would like to. I know, I feel the same way.
I have been feeling this way for awhile...like there has got to be more to life than "this".
It's like at the end of the day I curl up in bed and press "re-wind"
Do you ever feel like this too?
I want my joy back and zeal for life instead of wasting time in front of our mac typ
And I have figured out how to find it...but I am going to have to back away from the keyboard to find it.
Hidden away from people and nature have left me feeling empty and alone and it is so easy to feel that way.
Or at least be lead to believe that's how I feel.
Spring is a season meant to be enjoyed.
With the warm sun on my face and the gentle breezes tickling my toes.
I want to take my children back to the zoo and see the excitement in their eyes as they watch the animals:

I want to encourage Mr.D to play with the bugs:

I want to sit on my deck and enjoy my children running through the sprinkler their laughter filling the air.

Not in front of the computer plugging out of life.
So, while I have a chance...I am going to take it.
Starting today I am going to cut my computer time drastically.
It might be days before I post something new but I know finding myself again will be worth the wait.
Re-connecting with my friends and family and nature, enjoying my children while they are still little..enjoying the remainder of my pregnancy are things that I can never "google" on the net.
And that...will be time well spent!

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Crystal Roberts said...

Very true! Sometimes it seems like there is a computer world and a real world. I took many moments yesterday to make sure I had more moments in the real world, with my 5 children, we had a wonderful blessed time. Enjoy the kicks and wiggles of your unborn baby and the smiles and laughter of your children! Love this post.

Jessica said...

Thank you for that refreshing reminder! (I just stumbled upon your blog.) I decided to spend less time on the computer myself recently and I'm so busy now (doing the things I always should have been doing) that I wonder how I ever got stuff done before.

LowderLiving said...

Wow. That's definitely true for me, too. I tune out to my kids regularly throughout the day when I'm on the computer. But I have to admit, sometimes it's a nice break from legos and spaceships. Just important to keep a healthy balance. I appreciate your candid opinions!