July 06, 2010

Our mini vacation.. in pictures!

We needed a break.
Even if it was only a mini vacation.
We sure packed a lot of fun into a short amount of time!
First stop!
The calgary zoo..

..the wild boyo scaling up a gigantic tree.
(the funny part was he got up there and then he couldn't get down!!

A friendly face greets us on our way into the prehistoric park.

What's beside me?

Just follow the big yellow footprints!!

So that sign means "no climbing" too bad the 5 year old couldn't read that!

I ran into one of my Bridesmaids!
We haven't seen each other in 9 years...

please mom...no more pictures!!

Back in the truck we go!!

On their way to throw some rocks into the water

we caught a little bit of rain on the way out of Banff...

We stumbled upon this little gem after the GPS took us on a "detour"
Ghost Lake Reservoir....

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LowderLiving said...

That zoo looks amazing. We've been to our zoo so many times that the kids don't even want to go back. But if there were dinosaurs to play on...