August 10, 2010

we have critters!

.. the creepy crawly kind.
and yes, I am actually okay with having them live in my house.
No screaming for big daddy to come and squash them!!
Having a saltwater tank in an exercise in patience.
It takes awhile for the chemical levels to finally behave and do what they are supposed to but we have finally gone thru both our ammonia spike and our nitrite spike which means that we are actually able to host creatures in our tank!!
The first to arrive were our emerald green crab
Whom I have nick named "Mister crabs".
He's pretty hard to catch actually.
Loves to hide in the rocks so I am actually pretty lucky to have snapped this one of him.

we have snails ...

and hermit crabs...

We also have a cute scooter blenny who apparently is a little camera shy

and a funky shrimp

We also have our first piece of coral....a hammer head.
This is what "he" looks like when the light is turned off in the tank.

but it sure looks nice when the light is on!

And nemo..well two.
Who are nameless for now...

this is what our tank looks like now.

the base rock is starting to show signs that it is becoming "live rock" as there are tiny speckles of purple which means that it is growing coralline algae starting to show up.
Really exciting to watch!
This is definitely a great hobby to get into!

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♥ LyNnE ♥ said...

Those all look great! I miss having a tank.

Owen said...

This is really exciting! I always had tanks growing up and ended up working in a pet store throughout high school. Can't wait to see more pics.

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