July 06, 2007

30 degress in the house?!?

I guess if I wanted to pretend that our family lived on a sunny tropical island out in the middle of the south caribbean I got my wish.. You know, when you purchase a house that has air conditioning you sort of expect it to work call me crazy but after 2 service calls and a 3rd one just hours I am getting a little tired of the heat!!
We had a really late night but since it was 30 celsius flippen degrees at 8:30 there was NO way we were staying in the house so we took the kids to the playground (we found one in the shade!!) and didn't get close to bed until well after 11 and then my Alarm clock didn't go off so we woke up at 7:56 (Wendy had to babysit at 8:00) so it was a wee bit rushed around here!!
Now, I am waiting for the air conditioning guy to come and fix my ac or I am going to scream!! Thankfully it's only 17 out now so we aren't roasting but the house is holding steady at 25.
Always an adventure here I tell ya!!