July 12, 2007

..the morning after

That in itself should speak volumes as to the night/ day I had yesterday but when your reflecting on the calm after the storm things don't look nearly as chaotic as they did when they first happened.
But, before I get to that I should probably back track to Tuesday night. Barry and I have been trying to get Noah to sleep in his big boy bed all by himself but after MONTHS of sleeping on a blanket bed on the floor this has proven to be pointless at best but we try. After pj’s are on and stories are read we tucked him into his blanket bed (he refuses the nice car bed that we gave him) and shut his door where we were then entertained to a protests of screams at decibels only dogs could hear I am sure but after 20 minutes we gave in and went to reassure him that yes, mommy and daddy are still her and yes, we love him more than anything else in the world. After calming him down we left his door opened (we only had to chase him back once) and he fell asleep. BUT, due to all the screaming Abby woke up and decided that she was going to coo and gurgle because she could so I hauled her bassinet into her sister's room so I could have one night alone..sounds blissful eh! Well, not so much...I had to go to her several times in the night and then when morning came I found her soaked to the bone..poor baby!! Noah had crawled into our bed in the wee early hours and awoken when he fell out of my bed missing the corner of my bedside table by millimeters **sigh** that should have been my first hint that yesterday was not going to be quiet. But, just the highlights... first I found maggots in the burgers that we forgotten in the garage since Saturday past. (puke!) Then I had to take the scissors away from a budding hair dresser..why do they always go for the bangs? Plus add rescuing a toy whale from the bowels of the toilet and that gives you some idea of our day. We needed an escape.. actually, that’s a lie..I needed a break so, we packed up the kids and went to Mandi and Gennadi’s house for some adult conversation and a wonderful dinner. Things were great until my son the escape artist decided for the second time that he was going outside with or without us so he after opening the back door he was out on the road. I shudder to think what may have happened if Ava hadn’t alerted us that trouble was a foot...I’m not sure if she started crying because the door was closing faster than she was escaping out of it or if she was upset that Noah was leaving without her but thankfully no one got hurt!! We had had enough excitement so we packed up our brood and headed home where Noah tucked himself into his own bed and fell asleep...he crawled into our bed around 6:00 am and is still asleep...at least I think he is!! I wonder what adventures today will bring?