November 27, 2008

Are you kidding me?

My sweet little girl.
We give you everything that you could ever want or need.
Why oh why are you hiding bits of your blanket up your nose?
Your brother did the exact same thing when he was your age but he chose more interesting items.
Bits of apple worked nice.
How about that piece of paper..sure, that fits.
The Styrofoam? Yeah, I'll see if that fits too...
The lessons he learned we had hoped would never be repeated.
I guess in a way we did get our wish.
Noah has long passed that stage and some how even though you weren't even born yet when HE did it you too have figured out that this could be fun.
Please Abby...
Blankets are for snuggling with.
Not for biting chunks off and shoving it up your nose!!
I have to laugh or I just might cry!!
I found this:
Top Ten things kids stick up their nose
I guess I should be thankful we don't have broken crayon up there but honestly, this just another adventure with three!