November 28, 2008

I think I have A.D.D.

And honestly, I am meaning no disrespect to anyone.
But there isn't anything else that fits!
For example:
We just finished breakfast.
I washed the little one's hands and left the kitchen.
Dishes still on the table.
Dishes still in the sink.
I head upstairs to get the little ones dressed.
In the process I strip the beds and take the laundry down to the wash.
The kids STILL aren't dressed.
Back up I go.
This time I get distracted by the garbage.
I take the garbage downstairs.
I notice the kitchen.
It takes everything in my being just to get the table cleared off before I start something else!
Why can't I just finish ONE thing?
Meanwhile, the washer is humming.
The kids are busy playing..and yes, I did get them dressed...but now I have to go back upstairs and chase them down to brush their hair and brush their teeth.
I just wish I knew what the source of all this distraction?
Could I possibly have A.D.D or is this too just another part of "growing up"
Or maybe I just have too much on my plate?


Michelle and Matt said...

Either it's normal, or else I'm in trouble because I must have A.D.D. too! Sounds a lot like many of my days...
Michelle :)