November 17, 2008

pictures from my 34th Birthday

Do you have any idea how strange that was to type?
I mean, I'm getting old.
And, **deep breath in** I'm actually okay with it.
I feel more comfortable in who I am..I don't feel like I have to try and be someone that I am not.
And, I actually LIKE who I am!!

Me and Heather...
I actually have a picture of us when we were kids but I think this one is a bit better.
She was my best friend from Grade 4 until I moved at the end of Grade 6.
I was tickled pink to see her at my HOUSE!!

My scrumptious birthday cake. :D


Kara said...

What a great picture and a yummy looking cake!

Happy Birthday. I turned 34 this year too..

This Is Me, Doing What I Do said...

Happy Birthday Heather!!!! Love the pics, that cake looked delicious! You look fab!
I agree w/ you when you say, "I feel like I know who I am and not trying to be someone else."
I felt the say way this year. It feels so liberating in a sense!

Michelle and Matt said...

Happy belated birthday! Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you too!