November 19, 2008

There should be a law...

There should be a law...One that states a momma shouldn't be up this early in the morning and have done as much as I have done.
It's not even 7 and I have bathed Noah, washed his bedding (and I bet your no longer wondering WHY I had to give my almost 4 year old a bath FIRST thing in the morning).
The coffee pot has just finished brewing so I think I will pour myself a big ol' cup of coffee and nestle myself on the couch while I wait for the sun to rise.
I usually miss sunrise.
I'm either chasing Noah or Abby or I have been lucky enough to sneak back to bed for an early morning nap.
Something I am sure WON"T be happening this morning.
Not with Noah asking me "is it morning momma" "you come with me, and hold my hand?" (he wants me to put on Thomas The Tank engine) :D


Kara said...

We both had the same 'fun' this morning. geez. I'm hoping to go to bed extra early tonight as I'm ready for my midday nap now but there is no way my kids will let me do that!

Hang in there...