December 11, 2008

I am Praying for Noah to have a "crappy day"

And, I would love it if you did too....Please and thank you
As you know Noah has been feeling sick for the past 3 days.
We took him in to the doctor's yesterday because I didn't think this was a normal flu
He would have the trots in the morning.
Throw up once and then was fine all day.
He got an x-ray last night and we were told that his little gut is full off poop and gas.
We can't feed him for 48 hours so I can only give him clear fluids to drink.
Pray that this blockage breaks and he is free of it today!!

UPDATE: We took Noah back to the doctor's on Friday and he was given a clean bill of health.
We gave him mineral oil on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and the blockage broke free on Sunday!!
All is well :)