January 13, 2009

Is there something that you need little one?

...I wonder.
Do you think that they all get a copy of the "rules" when they turn 2?
I am amazed more and more each day with the toddler who used to be my baby!
One minute she was cuddling in my arms needing me for everything.. I blinked..and now she can get herself a snack out of the fridge!
Well, sort of...

Hee hee!!
Where there is a will there is a way!
Normally I would have pushed the chair back to the Kitchen table before she got this far but honestly, there will come a day when I forget just how independant she was at 2!
So, I grabbed the camera instead.
Giggles is so fast..She slides that chair across the kitchen and has the french doors of the fridge open before I can even get there!
Ahhh...my little monkey!!
Wonder what she is going to get into next?


Venus said...

awww. You're so right. There are so many times I scold or take things away. But it is amazing how much they can do at so young! What a cutie