February 22, 2009

Giggles and her homework.

I'm not exactly sure how this all transpired...
When I first started my Beth Moore study on the book of Esther I would faithfully do my homework each and every day for 5 days like I was required to but, somewhere along the way my homework day became Sunday and all 5 days were completed in 1.
Which brings me to today.
A cup of freshly brewed coffee in my hands, my bible and my workbook layed out in front of me I perched myself on a stool by the eating bar and started working on my homework.
Well Giggles wanted in on the fun and wanted her "colors"so we grabbed her color wonder markers and her "baybell"book and set her at her own little table so she could "do homework"just like momma.
Of course, She had other plans.
She closed her book..gathered all of her markers and set them on top of the stool beside me and proceeded to climb up beside me.
The stool is trying to fall ontop of her as she is climbing so I had to chase her back to her little table over and over again as she wanted to be with me and do her "color" there with me.
Honestly, I am savoring every minute I have had with that monkey today because I know that I am going to blink and she is going to be grown before I am ready but, having her up on that stool next to me is enough to make my hair turn grey!
What a wobbly place for a little girl to find herself in!
We ended up having to give up and just settled in for a light lunch.

Have you noticed her little feet?
She is wearing two different shoes but they both are the same feet!!