February 24, 2009

ladybug ladybug I see you...

Not sure how Big Daddy convinced Giggles but he claims that she brought over the lady bug barrette and wanted it in her hair.
Umm..that's believable.
I put a barrette in her hair and she is trying to claw the sucker out of her hair!
But, since it was in and I knew deep down it would only last about 5 minutes I quickly snaped a picture of her.

A closer look at the ladybug..

Laughing...(why she closes her eyes and giggles is beyond me)

I will admit.
I am one of those mom's that sees a baby with locks of beautiful hair and wonder why my sweet little giggles has next to nothing but then I remember all the hassle I went thru combing Niffy nunu's hair and listening to her whine and cry over the tiniest knot and I am cured! LOL!!