March 21, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

**raises hand slowly**
I will admit.
I cheat like to get a head start on my menu.
This isn't Monday (and yes, I am planning on posting this Monday morning)...It's Saturday morning...the sun is barely up and I am already plugged into the mac sitting in my comfy pj's
drinking a cup of strong coffee and searching for anything that tickles my taste buds or seems fun and interesting to make.
Monday has never really worked for me.
I don't have time to go to the store during the day and come night time I am so busy with wife/mommy things that we wouldn't eat a home cooked meal if I had to go and shop.
Take out would be dinner of that night.
So, Saturday works..and I have a sneaky feeling that I am not the only one who has chosen to create their grocery list and do all of their shopping today as well.
I lift my coffee mug to all the Saturday shoppers!!

Monday:Baked Salmon with tomatoes and spinach

Tuesday:Creamy cheese beef stroganoff (the thought of cheese wizz makes my skin crawl so I will add grated cheese instead)

Wednesday: beef n bok choy

Thursday: weeknight lasagne toss

Friday: orange chicken rice bowl

Saturday: Pizza and salad

Sunday: omelette bakes


Anonymous said...

So when are you going to come to my house and do all my meal planning and then cook them for me!!