March 02, 2009

sleep little one...

Saturday morning I indulged in a little pampering and decided that I wanted to get my oh so, girly gel nails.
Love them!!
The sweetest lady at Regal Nails did my nails and they are beautiful!!
What do you think?
The rest of the day...went by in a blur.
Gymnastic for Noah and Abby (only two more classes until we are done this session)
Grocery shopping.
dinner...searching for disks that I think grew legs and walked away...
Then some family came over to visit which meant that Mr.D was up too late..
too much going on or at least he thought so and I guess he was afraid that he will miss out so,
Mr.D grabbed a blanket and a pillow and settled here...

Snapped a quick picture then tucked him safetly in bed!