April 07, 2009

..the day after Britney Spears

Why did Britney Spears have to hold a concert on Monday night?
Why couldn't she have held out till the weekend where I didn't have to get up super early the next morning?!?
I know..I know..it's her schedule not mine.
And boy am I paying for it today!
Unfortunately I discovered this morning that we are out of white sugar so my coffee has been a wee bit stronger than I normally enjoy.
Which is okay because while the kiddies have been eating snack and playing with file folder games I have been painstakingly transferring all the pictures from our PC to our mac.
So your only going to get a handful of them!
Here is Niffy Nunu on our way to the concert...she snuck this one in while I wasn't looking!

The opening act... "The Pussycat Dolls"
(and I will be truthful here..I am not a big pcd fan and after their performance I don't think I made the wrong decision!!)

Niffy Nunu's mask: apparently it went with the whole "circus" theme of the show...

the start of "the circus"

And Britney!!

The only thing the "circus" missed...there was No smell of cotton candy

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