April 24, 2009

What do you say?

When you really have nothing to say?
There are day's when I have so much to share that can't even keep one logical thought from mingling with another and I know that there are oodles of things that I want to share but don't feel like I am free to share it with you and then there are day's like today when I have nothing to say.
Days that are spent in what feels like a blur of meal planning, cleaning and laundry.
Normal "mom" stuff that seems so insignificant and well, boring.
And a blessing.
I love my kids!
I love being a mommy to my kids.
I love cuddling them in my arms and kissing their sweet little heads.
Holding them in my lap while I read them a bedtime story.
Seeing the world through their eyes..

Days when Giggles has asked me over a gajillion times to put"sock on" and I have put pair after pair on her chubby little toes. (Which by the way makes her look like she is wearing her own sort of "sock boot" and once the defunked camera is up and running I will snap a picture of.)

At the start of this post..I felt like I had nothing to say.
But apparently I did!

She wanted her "sock on" so I figured that I would snap a picture with the Photo Booth on our mac.
We counted as we were putting on the socks and she is wearing 5 pairs in this picture.


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Kait au Lait said...

I can't wait to see pics of the "sock boot". =)