May 20, 2009

The butterflies are coming....

A few weeks back while I was attending an Early Childhood conference I stumbled upon brochure for Butterfly Raising kits.
It read: "We get to watch them grow, then let them go!"
Raise painted lady butterflies while learning all about metamorphosis. See the caterpillar's transition as they mature, change into chrysalises, and finally emerge as Painted Lady butterflies! The butterflies' development takes approximately three to four weeks, and then can be released into the environment.

Hmmm.... that sounds pretty interesting and a "hands on approach" teaching my own little ones about butterflies would be something that they would remember.
So, I placed an order for our own Butterfly raising kit.
Now you have to understand.
I am not a big "bug" fan so this is a huge step for me.
As far as I am concerned the only good bugs are is to serve as food for birds and occasionally my cat who thinks a spider is a yummy treat.

Well, the call came in this afternoon.
My Butterfly raising kit is IN!!
I will be picking up the larvae this afternoon and we will start our new three week adventure from Larvae to Butterfly!!
These are what I am expecting they will sort of look like:

But, you never know!
I am planning on snapping a few pictures of their arrival so look for them later on this afternoon!

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Chickie said...

My husband and I got one of these kits for our niece and she absolutely LOVED it! Have fun with your little ones!!!