May 16, 2009

a few shots of the kids playing outside.

...I think weekends are my favorite time of the week.
No where to go rushing around to be somewhere for a specific time.
Just me and my kids outside in the sunshine enjoying all the goodness around me.
I even got the camera out to take a few practice shots and we got a few of the kids as well.
I have always been interested in photography and really should take a course to perfect my skills but I think this one turned out pretty neat!

This is actually my neighbors plant but I thought it was really interesting so I snapped it!
Along with these.

Niffy Nunu saved the "best picture" for herself and got an interesting shot if you ask me.

Jinx relaxing at the neighbors walkway.
Guess the shade on the other side of the grass is cooler. (tounge in cheek remark)

Giggles saying CHEESE!!

Big Daddy and Sweet Momma relaxing on the stairs.

Mr.D going for a scoot on his bike
Mr.d blowing me a kiss goodbye before he peddled down the street!

Before I forget... These are the planters that I planted a few days ago...

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