May 24, 2009

I know when to cut my losses

I should have planned ahead.
I know when to cut my losses and I should have been wise from the beginning to know that when Niffy Nunu came to me and told me that she needed a high curly pony tail for her dance pictures yesterday I should have been honest with myself and realized that hairdressing is not my true calling in life.
I own a curling iron...but I think it gets more shelf time then use.
I simply don't have the time most days to even pretend that I can even do my hair.
I always choose such cute styles that need to be styled.
When my new style is done and I hear, "if you want this to look the same as it is now you have to do it every day"
Or what?
Some hairdresser is going to pound down my door with some fangled hair product in one hand and a hot curling iron in the other to get me?
I think not.
Trust me...NO one has come to check either.
So, that being said and done the ponytail disaster needed to be fixed by someone other than myself.
I personally think Niffy Nunu looks darling even though we did miss the glittery hair tie but all in all I think she looks great!

The front of her high curly ponytail

The Back of her high curly ponytail

And, I have already booked to get her hair curled for the day of the dance recital.
I know when to cut my losses!!

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Valerie said...

I think you did a great job. She is so pretty! I miss the days of helping my daughter get ready. In high school she was into color guard, winter guard (they actually won 2 SEC championships), drama and dance team. She was involved in a lot more but those are the ones I helped her the most in. They go by so fast!