May 06, 2009

my budding "green thumb"

I got out my green thumb yesterday morning while meandering around Rona with Mr.D and Giggles.
We were on a search for the perfect plants to fill the three empty pots sitting by our big ol' front door. Of course, our trip took a lot longer than I had thought it would. But really, when you take two children under the age of 4 what else can you expect?
We learned that the "garden center" has become a bird sanctuary and these "creatures" like to chirp their disappointment if you get anywhere near where they are may or may not be hiding...apparently we were very close to them but we never did "see"them.
Giggles LOVED hearing them chirp and kept yelling "Bird, get down here" while Mr. D snickered.
After an unsuccessful attempt at finding a bird, any bird we gave up and started looking at the plants.
Apparently, I am not the only one who had the same great idea as they were picked over pretty well but, we did find what we were looking for though and did not go home empty handed.
Giggles spotted these beautiful New hybrid Pansy.
They are called "Penny White Jump up" so we picked some up to go with our ivy that Mr.D loved.

(once our defunked camera is working I will snap a picture of the finished product as they are just beautiful!!)

I think I forgot how much I love to play in the dirt.
My mommy-ness must have clouded my memory but sitting on the floor in the hall way transplanting these frangrant flowers into their new homes refreshed my memory.
There is just something special about the smell of dirt!
My gel nails didn't appreciate digging in the potting soil but the calm and peace I felt was amazing.
I can't wait to get the rest of our planters started...I hope next time the lavender is in stock!

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